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Technicalities of Feeder Angling - Corn Tactics

Article by : Gys van der Westhuizen

Sweet corn is a fantastic bait all year round. The way fish feed on corn on the bottom they competing for food. If they feel something is not right. If your hooks to big (Heavy) they will spit it out before you know it. To hook corn, nick the hook through the round top of the grain and turn the hook through the skin leaving most of the hook exposed. With this method the corn will always land with the hook stand up.

Nick Hook in and out on round side of corn and fish will suck corn on the soft side into its mouth.

Can also hooked from flat end to flat end. These 3 methods are a very balanced method.

When fish are not aggressive and fish are not competing, then they have time to inspect the bait and then bait presentation becomes very important. Then you must bury the hook inside the corn. You can nick the hook point back through the skin the point is just showing, you can hook a maggot on the hook point for movement. You have to strike hard for the hook to penetrate.

Are two Corns better than one. Try to use a double corn and you will be surprise. Are the bites quicker and the fish bigger? There are two possible reasons for a difference. Firstly, the bigger bait stands out more the loose ground bait so the carp spot it that bit quicker, or it could be that everyone tends to fish a single grain of corn so two grains gets treated with less suspicion. Nic the hook through the round top of the grain coming out on the side of the corn. Another corn can be adding the same method.

Skin a Corn, corn skin is a brilliant hook bait, squeeze the corn between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze out 50% of the inside with your thumbs nail. This leaves you with a light hook bait and still look like a corn. This bait will fall slowly thru water column with a perfect presentation.

In Natural form corn is bright yellow, and that’s why it’s so effective. Corn can be coloured and different coloured Corn can give you different results. Sometimes a Feeder Tech white or red will out fish a yellow corn. Be always prepared.

When fishing in shallow water corn can be transformed into a shallow water feed. You need to put it thru a feed blender to whizz the corn about a few seconds to chop it into smaller pieces. When fed, it will create a cloud, while larger pieces will sink but slower. You can blend to whole tin into a sloppy soup that will put a bigger cloud into the swim. You will get good results when fish feeding off the bottom.

9)Use a piece of buoyant corn when hair rig a worm to act as a giant bait stop.

Nick the hook thru the first-round corner of the corn one side in and another corner out. Cut the open side shorter, dip the open end with your favorite concentrate.

Top Tip:
Always look for a tin with mix sizes of corn this works well when you have different species in your swim.