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Technicalities of Feeder Angling - ICS Feeder Systems

Article by : Gys van der Westhuizen 

Preston Innovations ICS (Inter Changeable System) FEEDERS AND MOULDS.

The ICS allows you to alternate feeder sizes without disassembling the entire rig. Compatible with the full range of Preston Inter Changeable System feeders and products. Preston ICS In-Line Cage Feeders Featuring a wide lead which improves stability the Preston ICS Inline Cage Feeders have been revamped and now feature a durable plastic frame which not only helps casting and accuracy, but also guarantees that the weight transfer is in to the base which means your feeder lands the right way up every cast.

Preston ICS In-Line Cage Pellet Feeders are perfect for Introducing small pellets and particles into the swim. Use in conjunction with a short 10cm hook line length for maximum effectiveness. The plastic lead combination guarantees that the weight transfer is in to the base which means your feeder lands the right way up every cast.

Preston ICS In-Line Dura Flat Method Feeder. A Unique splayed rib configuration. Leaves the perfect sized area to place your hook bait, it come in two sizes small and large available in 20g, 30g and 45g

Preston ICS In-Line Dura Banjo Feeder with zero rib design means that browsing carp don’t get spooked, but instead, all the wary fish will see is a compact pile of offerings that will be hoovered with devastating effect. When fully loaded the unique shape of the Banjo Feeder with its long stem and circular body, also creates the perfect weight forward aerodynamic set up which delivers fantastic casting accuracy and increases range. There is three frame sizes micro, small and Large and available in 20g,30g and 45g.

Preston ICS In-Line Maggot Feeder is Interchangeable with all Preston ICS Feeder and Components. The feeder is filled by rotating the window and the feeder has plenty of holes to allow good bait releases. The window can also leave open and sealed with ground bait when using casters etc. The weight forward design means it is easy and accurate to cast. There are two body sizes it come in two sizes small 20g 30g large 20g.30g and 45g

Preston ICS In-Line Distance Method Feeder designed with distance in mind, the aerodynamic shape and heavier weights allow these feeders to be cast long distances with ease. There is a shallow side wall and ribs to help hold the bait to the feeder while a nice open area has been left at the rear to position your hook bait. There is a large shield at the rear on the feeder which protects the bait while in flight and on impact with the water, making sure that you have the perfectly set trap of bait when it reaches the bottom. It’s available in one body size 45g and 60g.

As part of the Preston ICS the in-Line Match Cube System allows the angler to alternate lead sizes without disassemble the entire rig, and are compatible with the full range of inter Change System Feeders and Products