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How to Tie a Bayonet Rig

Article by : Gys van der Westhuizen 

Use a 200mm long line and thread an 80mm piece of line thru the eye of the spike and make a loop with the spike hanging in the loop.


Make another loop and pass the spike thru the first loop.


Use the Preston Loop Sizer to make different loops sizes 8 10 12 or 15 long. Press the one leg of the Preston Loop Sizer thru the first loop and the other leg thru the spikes loop.


Pull 2 lines to form knot, wet the knot, and pull the loop without the spike of the Loop Sizer to set the loop knot.

Thread the other end thru the hooks eye until knot is against the eye of the hook.


Start to make the knotless knot. Twist the line around the hook 7 times, pass the line back thru the eye of the hook. Wet and pull tide.


Cut a 3mm long silicon tube and pass thru the line over the hooks eye and knotless knot to set your hook bait.

With these 4 sizes of loop lengths you can test which length will give you the best results.