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Technicalities of Feeder Fishing
Part Two : Method vs Hybrid Feeder

Technicalities of Feeder Fishing
Part Four : Preparing Method Feeder

The Method Feeder Combined with a Mould and a hair is one of the most effective ways of fishing. The biggest problem is to get your ground bait mix correct that it can stick to the Method Feeder on impact with the water, it must break down when it hits the bottom. If a feeder isn’t properly loaded with bait when its landed on the bottom, you’ve reduced your catch rate in your swim. Follow the method preparation and you can’t go wrong.

Half fill the mould and then use your finger to squash the Ground Bait down and create a “Dimple”.

Place your chosen hook bait – In the “Dimple”.

Overfill the mould with ground bait.

Press the Feeder on the mould with the weighted base to the top,compress until the weight is flush with the top.

Press the quick release Method Mould release button and release feeder from the mould.
Hybrid don’t need this step.

The Compressed Ground Bait will only come off the flatbed feeder once it has settled on the bottom.