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Technicalities of Feeder Angling - Method vs Hybrid Feeder

Article by : Gys van der Westhuizen 

The design of a Hybrid Feeder means the contents of the Ground Bait are better protected when compare to the Method Feeder. Hybrid feeders are more enclosed than a method feeder with the high raise sides. Method feeders is more open and the ground bait must stick to the prongs. With a Hybrid the vast majority of your payload will get to the bottom still attach to the feeder where as a method feeder is more open and the ground bait must stick to the prongs.

The Hybrid Feeder offers a much more tighter bait presentation, everything is kept much closer to the feeder once it hits the bottom.

When the Method Feeder Rules.

The only area where the Method Feeder will out fish the Hybrid Feeder is when you really need to attack a peg for a big weight. To get more ground bait on the method feeder you can what we call it “Double Skin” the feeder. Add ground bait in the mould for a second time and press the feeder again on the mould, this will give you a big payload.

Follow the instruction and see where is the difference. The only down fall of the Hybrid Feeder it can not carry big payloads of feed. Half fill the mould and then use your finger to squash the Ground Bait down and create a “Dimple”.

Place your chosen hook bait – In the “Dimple”.

Overfill the mould with ground bait.

Press the Feeder on the mould with the weighted base to the top,
compress until the weight is flush with the top. Hybrid feeder have no mould it must
be compressed by hand.

Press the quick release Method Mould release button and release feeder from the mould.
Hybrid don’t need this step.