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Technicalities of Feeder Angling - Method Feeder

Article by : Gys van der Westhuizen 

The Method Feeder works on its best when it’s a free-running in-line Method Feeder setup.

If the reel line snaps nothing is hold to the fish and this set-up is fish friendly, it’s not fixed.
We will illustrate how to connect the quick-change beat to the feeder and hook.

   Thread a 30g Preston in-line Method Feeder to a touch and reliable 5lb, 7lb or 10lb line. This will be your real line or leader line. 

 ❖ Separate a Korum Quick Change Bead and you’ll see these two clever components. 

❖ Slide the Bead on the real line first and use a blood or Palomar knot to tie on the connector. 

❖ The Feeder slides down the line to butt up against the Quick-Change Bead like this.

❖ Open the two halves of the bead, hook on the loop of a 100mm hook link of 4lb or 5lb line.     

   Snap the two halves of the Bead shut. If you want to change hooks its simple job to do.